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Will Link-Lok sound ‘death knell’ for the humble Linch Pin?

Link-Lok pins could radically change the way farm workers attach implements and trailers, to their tractors, in the future.
LinkLok pins

An innovative idea to resolve the daily ‘bug-bear’, on the farm, of using linch pins, has come from the farming world; and is now being marketed by Distag QCS – leaders in the field of industrial and agricultural component supply.

Link-Lok is a spring loaded device, which combines both the linkage or drawbar pin, with a locking latch. No linch pins to get lost or snap shut crushing your fingers, no lost linkage pins – the sprung-loaded latch snaps shut to ensure the pin is safely locked in position.

Distag are already working with several agricultural machinery manufacturers who have expressed a keen interest, and it is likely that they will soon be appearing as original equipment on various new implements. They have also produced an attractive distributor counter merchandiser, which is ideal for visibility to end-users, in trade outlets. Link-Lok also has its own web presence at, showing more details about the product, including a video demonstrating the pins ‘in action’.  

Distag Managing Director, Joe Deacon, commented, “It is sometimes the most mundane daily operations which are crying out for innovation. From a farming background myself, I understand what an important step forward this product is”.

For further details, please contact Rebecca Booth, on 01473 744612 or .

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