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The Next Generation of timing belt is now available at DistagQCS!

The PIX-TorquePlus-XT2 is the new timing belt from PIX, replacing their HTD range in 5, 8, and 14M sections. The XT2 has a much higher power rating, and is also quieter and lighter than its predecessor. The new belts will allow you to upgrade existing drives without changing the pulleys.

The introduction of the XT2 demonstrates PIX’s commitment to developing their timing belt technology. For decades now, they have been known as the V-Belt specialists, coming later to the synchronous market. They are now employing the same level of innovation to timing belt design, which has made them a ‘world power’ in V-Belt production. The TorquePlus-XT2 places PIX firmly in the high-tech/high-power timing belt market, where many of its competitors have had ‘free-reign’ for some time now.

PIX-TorquePlus-XT2 belts are manufactured with top quality materials, and using modern high-tech systems and processes, which provide the excellent capacity to transmit higher torques and enables superior performance.

The XT2 will become the standard offering from Distag, for HTD applications, with the standard HTD being phased out, except for 3M sizes.

Features and benefits:

  • 50% to 70% enhancement in power-rating over regular HTD / STD belts
  • Low noise
  • Free from maintenance
  • No lubrication required
  • Increased operational efficiency up to 98%
  • Temperature resistance up to 100°C
  • Optimum operational efficiency and augmented belt life
  • Lower operational cost
  • Antistatic properties as required by ISO 9563


If you require any further information, please contact us:

For UK customers, phone +44 (0)1473 744612, or email

For Ireland customers, phone +353 (0)5991 51626, or email

For more information about the PIX TorquePlus-XT2, please visit our catalogue: PIX TorquePlus-XT2.

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