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The NEW and Unique Square Swivel Towing Eye!

The Square Swivel Towing Eye is the latest innovation from Distag QCS.

The unique and innovative design significantly reduces abrasion between the towing eye and hook, which is found with more traditional swivel towing eye designs. By using a cranked hinge point, the drawbar centre of gravity sits below the tractor hook, which keeps the towing eye level on the hook. This reduces any friction between the hook and the towing eye, increasing both the life of the towing eye and the safety of the coupling.

The square body of the Square Swivel Towing Eye is designed to reduce fitting time when welding the towing eye to the drawbar. It is manufactured from EN8 Steel eliminating the need for pre-heating before welding. Also, the square design eliminates the need to add profiles, which will save you both time and money.

The towing eye of the Square Swivel Towing Eye is manufactured using EN16 steel, which gives the eye a higher load rating and increased wear resistance.

The Square Swivel Towing Eye takes a unique approach to agricultural trailer hitching, and provides a highly reliable, durable and cost effective solution.



Distag QCS has an extensive range of towing eye solutions to fit all agricultural hitching needs. Our Link-Lok Weld-On range includes:

  • Straight Towing Eyes

  • Cranked Towing Eyes

  • Dromone Spoon

  • Swivel Towing Eyes

All towing eyes are manufactured to the highest quality standard, with batch coding, and material certification, available for full traceability.

For more information about our towing eye range, including the Square Swivel Towing Eye, please visit: Distag QCS Drawbar Solutions

Or you can contact us:

For UK customers, phone +44 (0)1473 744612, or email

For Ireland customers, phone +353 (0)5991 51626, or email

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