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NEW! Materials Processing & OEM Bespoke Components

Materials Processing - Components for Screen Box, Pan Feeder, Shredders, Crushers, Trommel & Conveyor sectors. OEM bespoke Components - Bespoke outsourcing solution for manufacturers, & machine builders
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Materials Processing –

Bearing and Power transmission components for Screen Box, Pan Feeder, Shredders, Crushers, Trommel & Conveyor sectors. Designed to withstand the toughest of industries.

OEM Bespoke Components –

Our unrivalled bespoke outsourcing solution perfect for manufacturers, and machine builders. We supply cast, forged, and machined, components from client drawings or samples, and ‘tailor’ logistics solutions to suit production requirements.

Founded in 1988, Distag QCS has rapidly grown into both the UK and Irish markets, as a leading distributor of OEM bespoke components. Our group facilities allow us to offer a complete ‘outsourcing’ solution for buyers and production engineers who are looking to save costs by sourcing in Asia & Europe – but don’t want the associated ‘hassle-factor’.

Distag QCS ‘Quality Component Solutions’ are a leading manufacturer/distributor operating from three locations across the UK and Ireland, and our global sourcing expands to over 100 suppliers.

Our bespoke components range from castings, precision components, gears, sprockets, attachment chains, composite & nylon, rubber mouldings, fabrications, spring components, forgings and pins.

Our casting components are produced from various materials including; grey iron, SG ductile iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium and bronze cast material. Our machined finished casting weight varies from 0.5kg up to 500kgs.

Distag QCS large supply network allows for almost all precision machined component to be produced. Processes available include; CNC turning, CNC Milling,5 Axis machining Centre,Surface grinding Broaching and Sprocket & Gear Cutting.

We can supply a range of bevel gears, racks & spur gears from Mod.1 to Mod.5 Gears are typically produced from medium carbon steels for high strength and durability. Induction/flame hardening is also available. Alongside the option to add Bore & Keys.

Materials Processing & OEM Bespoke Components

Overview booklets just released

Visit us at Hillhead ’22, Stand S5 where we will feature our Materials Processing range, along side our new Aluminium ramps, bogies and suspensions.

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