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Our Partners

Our Partners

Distag QCS has always been aware of the need to partner and collaborate with the best to provide quality products and services, and we have always strived to partner with the best so we can take our service levels a step further. Partnerships with global leaders, such as VOSS, PIX, TIMKEN, HO’S Unite, and POWERDRIVE Shanghai, ensure that Distag’s quality is always best-in-class. 

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Quality & Reliability

Renowned for our reliability to supply quality components, quality service, and fulfil our customers’ needs, by continuing to hold a large inventory of stock within our local supply chain. We feel we are best able to facilitate this high level by continuing to joint-venture with manufacturing companies in India and China, using our own Brands such as FLEXEQUIP, FLEXEPULSE, POWERDRIVE, and LinkLok. At the same time, working alongside multiple other supply partners globally.

Our quality control system is our core competency across the entire Distag QCS supply chain. We continue to promote the importance of quality to our staff, suppliers and sub-suppliers.

In order to emphasise the importance of our quality control equipment, our sub suppliers have invested heavily in equipment such as –  CMM equipment chemical analysis gun, ultrasonic testing, salt spray analysis, carbon sulphur analysis, pressure testing, spring fatigue testing machines, and hardness testing; with full traceability and certification available for all components that undergo the above testing procedures.

All Distag suppliers are ISO approved, with many also awarded the TS16949 certification, and REACH compliance.

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