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Banded Belts by PIX – The Ultimate Solution

Banded Belts are two or more V-Belts, joined together to form a single unit. They are an excellent solution for drives with longer centre distance or drives with pulsating and high shock loads.
Banded Belts by PIX

PIX-DuraBand® Banded Belts are available in Classical, Wedge and Narrow sections, in Wrapped and Cogged constructions. PIX also produce banded belts to their acclaimed Muscle and Terminator specifications.

The highly engineered tie-band in the Banded Belts which runs on the top, permanently bonds individual V-Belts together, enabling the Belts to function as a single unit with even load distribution and wear. The tie-band also greatly enhances the belt stability in the pulley sheaves – Banded Belts are far less likely to ‘turn’ in the pulley than their multi-single belt equivalent.

Banded Belts are widely used in heavy-duty machinery such as combine harvesters, agricultural implements, forestry woodcutters, wood chippers; mining, screening, crushing, and recycling machinery.

Download our Banded Belts catalogue for more information, or contact our technical team for further enquiries.


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